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So what can you do with bookmarklets?

The following is an ever-growing collection of useful bookmarklets I have found online or created myself. I actually use some of these bookmarklets on a daily basis.

Read my previous blog post to learn how you can make use of bookmarklets by copying and pasting JavaScript code into your browser bookmarks or favourites.

Make YouTube great again.

With bookmarklets you can tailor certain aspects of YouTube to your liking, e.g.:

  • Bulk delete videos from a YouTube playlist.
  • Force YouTube to play a video using its regular video interface.
  • Rotate a YouTube video by 90 degrees.
  • Skip YouTube ads.

In the interest of keeping this article succinct, I have moved the code for these bookmarklets into my next blog post.

Cheat at MSN Shopping Games.

This bookmarklet may be of interest to those who actively participate in Microsoft’s free Rewards program, which allows us to redeem gift cards, apps, Xbox games, accessories, and even gaming consoles using Microsoft Rewards points.

One way to earn points is to play the MSN Shopping Game.

You can use a bookmarklet to always win the full 100 points from the game on a daily basis. It is created by Reddit users and details are provided in this blog post.

Warning: The use of bots, cheats, macro, or other automated method to earn Microsoft Rewards points is now a bannable offense. Use at your own risk.

Regain control of your website browsing experience.

Websites these days are filled to the brim with flashing ads, autoplaying videos, popups, and cookie consents. Some sites would even lock down your ability to scroll, right-click, and select text, making for an awful browsing experience.

In this blog post, I explored ways you can use bookmarklets to wrest some control back into your own hands.

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